Illinois Self-Insured Employer Defense Lawyers

Since every workers' compensation claim represents significant expense to an employer, every case should be taken seriously and handled carefully in order to avoid unnecessary losses. If you are in need of defense representation in a workers' comp case, your choice of legal representation will have an impact on the final result.

At Knapp, Ohl & Green, we have the experience to help you minimize your exposure and reach the very best possible outcome in workers' compensation matters. We are not just litigators, we are seasoned trial attorneys who will fight for your interests, all the way to trial if need be. We have represented a wide variety of employers and insurance companies in thousands of workers' comp cases.

Aggressive, Cost-Effective Representation in Workers' Comp Cases

At Knapp, Ohl & Green, we are not content to allow our clients to simply concede and pay every workers' compensation claim. We are willing and able to fight claims in a cost-efficient manner, taking a highly aggressive stance in:

  • Assisting adjusters and employers in minimizing losses and winning cases
  • Addressing workers' compensation fraud
  • Representing self-insured companies and uninsured employers
  • Handling workers' compensation appeals

While many employers are under the impression that it is impossible to win a workers' comp case, we offer evidence to the contrary. Attorney Dave Green has not only helped his clients prevail in workers' comp settlements, he has taken many workers' comp cases to trial and won.

Edwardsville Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyers

Our attorneys are known for strong, tenacious representation in workers' comp cases and insurance defense matters. Contact us to discuss your case with an experienced trial attorney from Knapp, Ohl & Green.