Illinois Contractor Liability Attorneys With Experience and Confidence

The attorneys of Knapp, Ohl & Green possess specific, relevant experience with regard to construction litigation. We know exactly how the insurance business works, we understand the complexities of liability that exist in many construction matters and we understand what is at stake if liability falls on you. As our clients can attest, we are relentless, aggressive litigators who are intent on winning.

If you are facing litigation in a construction-related matter, you need the strongest legal counsel you can find. Our lawyers provide outstanding representation in matters, including:

  • Construction injury cases involving refinery accidents, scaffolding accidents, falls, defective materials, machine injuries, product liability and other issues. Our attorneys are well versed regarding Safe Place to Work laws and safety violations, and we are prepared to tackle cases in that arena.
  • Breach of contract matters and interpretation of construction contracts — a fertile area for problematic lawsuits that calls for mature, forceful counsel
  • Insurance matters, including those that relate to additional insured status
  • Road construction, including long standing representation of the asphalt paving industry
  • Residential construction, including single family and multifamily houses, and housing developments
  • Commercial construction, including factories, refineries, and manufacturing and retail facilities

Finding Answers to Tough Liability Questions

A critical issue in most construction cases is the question of liability: Who is ultimately responsible for the injury, or damage, that is alleged? Who is going to be sued?

Whether you are a property owner, general contractor or subcontractor we can help you develop a strategy to minimize your exposure. We can advise you regarding construction site liability and other critical issues, and represent you all the way to trial.

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