Illinois Complex Litigation Lawyer

The defense of class action lawsuits and other complex cases requires mature counsel. When you need a seasoned attorney to handle a complicated, high-stakes matter, contact Knapp, Ohl & Green for assistance.

Our lawyers have been representing defendants in complex civil litigation for decades. We are not just litigators, we are seasoned trial attorneys who have successfully taken many cases all the way to trial and beyond, into post-trial motions and appeals.

Vigorous Defense in Class Actions and Complex Civil Litigation

If your business is being sued in a class action, a multiparty lawsuit or another type of civil matter, Knapp, Ohl & Green will fight for your interests and help you reach the best outcome possible.

We set our clients on the path for success by taking a highly aggressive position, by performing the due diligence and by being thoroughly prepared and organized. We win cases because we fight hard from beginning to end. Our experience includes:

  • Representing corporations, municipalities, insurance companies, government agencies and other clients in liability cases
  • Cases alleging deceptive and unfair business practices, as well as other contract and business disputes
  • Consumer class actions
  • Product liability class actions

Knapp, Ohl & Green attorneys serve as lead counsel, co-counsel and local counsel in difficult litigation matters. Large insurance defense firms retain us because we know the local courts in Madison County, St. Clair County and other Illinois and Missouri jurisdictions.

Edwardsville Class Action Lawyers

Contact the trial attorneys of Knapp, Ohl & Green for assistance with your legal matter. We can advise you regarding your options for exceptional local representation.